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Collection 2023

We invite you to view our collection

A tradition passed through the generations

We cherish a long-standing family tradition of fashion jewelry production, united in the Mona brand.

About us

Fashion jewelry Glasnović

In addition to production, we also wholesale jewelry and other fashion accessories. Our production and sales program, united in the Mona brand, consists of:

  • Necklaces, bracelets, earrings
  • Rings and pendants
  • Bags, glasses, scarves
  • Tunics, pareos, hats
  • Religious souvenirs

When choosing and making jewelry, we are guided by the latest fashion trends. In addition to jewelry for every day, we prepare special and occasional collections.

We especially emphasize the collection in the old Croatian style, in which we combined the motifs of traditional Croatian jewelry with contemporary fashion expression.

Own production

Own production allows us to fully control the jewelry making process

Knowledge and experience

Experience of jewelry production, qualified experts for making fashion jewelry

Original design

Original own design

Quality materials

Use of quality material, we procure only from reputable and verified suppliers
Elegant and recognizing style

Our goal is to make modern jewelry with recognizable characteristics, typical of our area that will deservedly bear the epithet of the original Croatian product.

Our offer

Products and services

Serial jewelry production: for each season we plan, design and manufacture new series and jewelry collections according to current fashion trends.

Custom jewelry production: we have potential and resources for making custom jewelry for special occasions in larger series.

Wholesale jewelry and fashion accessories: in our showroom, we keep a complete range of our products, as well as jewelry and fashion accessories that we source from global and domestic markets, to offer customers a complete range of products.

Delivery of our products: our mobile team regularly visits loyal customers, informs them about the new range, and supplies them with goods on agreed-upon terms at their locations.